Frills | Calligraphy, Die-cutting, Enclosures, stamps, wax seals and assembly Frills | Calligraphy, Die-cutting, Enclosures, stamps, wax seals and assembly

photo by melanie duerkopp (l,r) and michelle beckwith (m)


What are frills?

Here at Aerialist, we are devoted lovers of detail - the small touches that bring an aesthetic vision fully to life. Frills are those extra details that take an invitation suite above and beyond the usual customization options.

For example, digital guest address printing on an invitation envelope is considered a standard customization, hand calligraphy is considered a frill. Changing ink color is a standard customization option, silk ribbon assembly is a frill.

Our paper stylists adore helping our clients select just the right finishing embellishments to complete the look of an invitation suite, menu or program. As a boutique stationery company, offering full service orders to our couples is one of the core elements that sets us apart, and these details are a big part of that.

This page includes a listing and brief description of some of our favorite ways to embellish. We are always open to new ideas, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please get in touch.


The art of the handwritten word is one of our favorite classic embellishments and a detail that really imbues an invitation suite with a sense of timelessness. We have established partnerships with a select number of remarkably talented calligraphy artists who specialize in adding a little magic to an envelope or place card. We offer calligraphy services for invitations, envelopes, place and escort cards, menus, programs, table numbers and signage. We are happy to hand letter paper goods or other non-traditional surfaces, like wood, ribbons, shells, flora, etc.

Calligraphy starts at $4.25 for envelopes and will vary based on quantity, envelope/paper color and ink color.

Wedding Invitation Envelope with white Calligraphy

photo by melanie duerkopp


Sometimes, a simple square or rectangular invitation just won’t do. We know the feeling. When you need to add a little extra style, having your invitation, menu, program or other cards cut into a custom shape is just the thing. We are happy to offer several standard shapes that you can select for most of our house collection designs. Click the button below to view.

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Not seeing what you are envisioning in our standard options? We are also happy to create something just for you.

Die-cutting starts at $3 per card for standard shapes.


If you are seeking a more structured way to present your invitation suite within the main sending envelope, a pocketfold or pocket sleeve is one of our favorite options. Pocket enclosures usually have the invitation affixed on the left side panel, with a pocket on the right to hold the reply card and any other additional cards you will be sending. When folded, there is a flap that can be secured with a wax seal or tag for a little extra personalization. When our clients order enclosures, we are happy to offer our assembly services, or we can ship the unassembled pieces directly to you.

Enclosure costs vary based on the paper selected, but prices typically start at $3 per set.

View Enclosure Selection Pale Blush Pocketfold Wedding Enclosure

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If there is one thing we love as much as a good latte at the AP, it is ribbons. Silk, cotton, natural, hand-dyed, Italian, French, we consider ourselves true connoisseurs of beautiful, one-of-a-kind selections that we love to share with our clients. We typically use ribbons to secure multiple pieces of an invitation suite together, to add a tag to a suite, favor or place setting, to embellish a menu or to bind a booklet program. Since there are so many variations and options available, please consult with your paper stylist for her recommendations on the best fit for completing the look of your paper goods.

View Ribbon Selection Blush Ribbon Wedding Invitaion

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While every so often, USPS hits it out of the park and offers a really stellar stamp option (vintage seed packets of 2013, we miss you!), typically their stock designs are pretty limited and don’t always coordinate with your envelope color or that beautiful calligraphy you’re head over heels for. Well, there’s a solution to that! We are happy to offer custom stamps for our clients through Zazzle to coordinate with your invitation suite. We handle all of the ordering and designing so your stamps are a beautiful addition to your envelopes instead of an eyesore.

Pricing varies based on envelope weight, we recommend consulting with your stylist regarding the cost of custom stamps during the proofing process.

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Foil printed tags are a more budget-friendly finishing touch that we love to see added to invitation suites, favors and guest welcome baskets. We most often print tags as a way for couples to include wedding website details without having to include a full additional piece with their suite. We also print tags as a purely aesthetic embellishment with a small message, monogram, or icon. Tags can either be tucked into the suite or attached with a pretty coordinating ribbon that our stylists are happy to source for you. Our tags can come with or without hole drilling and can be assembled by us or sent to you for assembly.

Pricing is $1 each for sizes smaller than 3.5x2 for house collection orders.

Wax Seals

Mixing textures and materials is one of our favorite ways to give an invitation suite dimension and a finished feel that integrates into a larger wedding vision. A more traditional, or vintage-inspired embellishment, wax seals are the perfect non-paper finishing touch as a closure to inner envelopes, heading a menu or adorning a welcome packet. We have a wide range of colors available and are happy to personalize seals with initials, a monogram, wedding date or small icon to tie in with the overall paper themes. Your stylist will be happy to assist you with selecting the best combination of options for your order. Pricing varies based on size and quantity.

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Our top-notch production team is always happy to carefully hand-assemble your invitation suite for you so all you have to do is pop them in the mail and they are off to your guests. Assembly typically includes basic envelope stamping and stuffing, but can also include pocketfold assembly, ribbon-tying, bellyband wraps and wax sealing. For orders requiring assembly, we do require 3-5 extra business days before your order is ready to ship, depending on the season and size of your order. We are happy to visually proof your assembly order in advance so you can rest assured that every single detail will be perfectly executed.

Assembly pricing starts at $1.75 per set for basic stuffing and stamping, $2 per envelope for ribbons, bellybands and seals and $3 per envelope for pocketfolds. All assembled orders must include either calligraphy or digital guest address printing on the outer envelope.

Not seeing exactly what you need? Let’s discuss! Our paper pros are happy to design custom options for clients with a specific need or dream. We love the challenge and excitement of something new, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. This is the kind of stuff we live for.