The Aerialist Press Team



Owner and Lead Designer

Alexandra is our couture design lead and the creative force behind our house design collection. She is a card-carrying etiquette master and loves working with custom design clients and wedding planners to create the perfect invitation suite for each and every couple. She also loves sourcing stunning new papers and keeping the coffee flowing in our studio.

Favorite House Design: Blakeley · Favorite Color: Dove gray, stone gray, storm gray, moon gray, basically, all the grays · Favorite Book: Love in the Time of Cholera · Favorite Store: Anthropologie · Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version!) · Favorite Blog: Local Milk · Favorite Magazine: Anthology · Caffeinated Drink of Choice: a whole milk latte from Equator Coffee · Next Place I Want to Visit: Prague · Can't Live Without: my Kindle · Favorite font: Bodega · Lucky Number: 9 · Dream Job When I Was Little: President · Something Random About Me: I’ve known my husband and business partner, Craig, since kindergarten! · On Saturday, you can usually find me: Snuggling my lab-pei, Lucy, and reading on the couch in pajamas.



Owner and Print Specialist

Craig is the chief printing operator and responsible for the paper magic we send out. He makes sure each and every order is perfectly and precisely printed. He loves the mechanical beauty of our antique presses and the fusion of old and new technologies. He also oversees our web development and is a vigilant master of our online presence.

Favorite House Design: Gramercy · Favorite Color: Burnt Orange · Favorite Book: The Fountainhead · Favorite Store: REI · Favorite Movie: October Sky · Favorite Place: Brussels · Favorite Snack: Chipotle · Caffeinated Drink of Choice: Americano · Next Place I Want to Visit: Peru · Can't Live Without: Espresso machine · Lucky Number: 23 · Dream Job When I Was Little: Doctor · Something Random About Me: I have been in love with Alex since we were 16 and we first met way back in kindergarten.


Paper Design Stylist

Hayley is our main paper stylist and responsible for overseeing the team in our cozy Walnut Creek office. She is the smile and patient presence behind many of our emails and is an expert at guiding brides through the design and ordering process. She is also a top notch ribbon-tier and rare materials sourcer. Her organizational skills are next level.

Favorite House Design: Coronet · Favorite Color: Olive Green · Favorite Book: Middlesex · Favorite Store: West Elm · Favorite Movie: Almost Famous · Favorite Magazine: GQ · Favorite Blog: A Pair & A Spare · Caffeinated Drink of Choice: Pinot noir, j/k black coffee · Next Place I Want to Visit: Iceland · Can't Live Without: my Clarks Desert Boots · Favorite font: Abraham Lincoln in all caps or Feast · Lucky Number: 11 · Dream Job When I Was Little: Novelist · Something Random About Me: I’m a real redhead! · On Saturday, you can usually find me: at the farmer's market or at the park, with my dog, Rocky.


Production Assistant

Kelsey is the behind the scenes beautifier of all the lovely assembly orders that leave our studio. She ties the ribbons, affixes the stamps and stuffs the envelopes with care and a little bit of love. Every suite receiving a few extra embellishments will be taken care of by Kelsey before reaching your doorstep. She also manages all of our sample orders and packs each one full of paper goodness before sending it on its way to you. In the in-between times she is on top of keeping our ribbon selection well stocked and making sure we could survive the envelope apocalypse.

Favorite House Design: Gramercy · Favorite Color: Charcoal Gray · Favorite Book: In Progress by Jessica Hische · Favorite Store: Kate Spade and Lucky Brand · Favorite Movie: Elf · Favorite Magazine: Elle Décor · Caffeinated Drink of Choice: Black Tie Cold Brew from Peets · Next Place I Want to Visit: Bora Bora · Can't Live Without: my crazy socks · Favorite font: Lobster · Lucky Number: 8 · Dream Job When I Was Little: Architect · Something Random About Me: I love camping, house boating and anything that has to do with water! · On Saturday, you can usually find me: BBQing and playing corn hole in the backyard with friends and family.


Design Assistant

Joyce is our design whiz and does all the pre-proofing for new client orders from our website. She creates almost every initial proof and estimate and is lightning quick at turning around the prettiest PDF designs for our house collection couples. She supports Hayley in revising client designs and making sure each and every order is nothing short of something our clients are head over heels in love with. She has a sharp eye for detail and a love for great design.

Favorite House Design: Chantilly · Favorite Color: Green or Gold · Favorite Book: the Harry Potter series · Favorite Snack: Tacos · Favorite Movie: Kingsmen · Favorite Design Website: Pinterest · Favorite Font: Mrs Eaves · Caffeinated Drink of Choice: Frappuccino · Can't Live Without: Laptop and phone · Next Place I Want to Visit: Japan · Lucky Number: 8 · Dream Job When I Was Little: Comic Artist · Something Random About Me: I have a dog that sometimes acts like a cat · On Saturday, you can usually find me: "Trying" to work out, but mostly eating and hanging out with friends.